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Thread: Looking for a good motor shop in the bay area?

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    So, I lost the rear exhaust valve down into the cylinder at about 90mph on the freeway and atom bombed my motor. I've torn it down completely and there are a bunch of things that need to be replace and redone. Looks like a complete top and bottom rebuild, flywheel is completely locked up, pinion shaft gears shredded etc. I need to find a good shop to have the work done as this is beyond my abilities.

    Also, I'm thinking I'll just do a 1250 kit. Any suggestions? Have any of you done this and have had a good, or bad, experience? I'm looking at the Hammer and NRHS kits. She's not headed to the track, but I do ride the hell out of her. I want something reliable, but you know faster is always better. How's the saying go? There's no replacement for displacement...

    Thanks guys

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    Pm'ed........ I'm right across the bay from you...

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