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Thread: Goodyear falcon drive belts

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    Is anyone using a Goodyear Falcon belt? If so how many miles do you have on it or did you get out of it.

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    Any non-OEM belt available at this time seems to perform poorly on the XB's.

    I went through two OEM belts on my Uly, the original D and its replacement F belt. Each lasted approximately 20,000km. At a value of $185, the OEMs cost about $0.00925/km.

    I tried a Goodyear Falcon late last fall/early this spring. It lasted less than 4000km. At a value of $125, the Falcon cost about $0.03125/km.

    Per kilometre, the Falcon belt cost me 3.38 times as much as OEM.

    Plenty of discussion on BadWeb:

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    ^^ Now THAT'S a review!

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    I've put 66,600 miles on the original '03 belt, replaced it with the new updated Goodyear belt over 2000 miles ago

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    I am currently running this belt

    Factory belt snapped at 10,000, replacement from dealer lasted less then 5,000 before it developed a crack between 2 teeth. Carbon belt is at ~15,xxx and is still in great shape...... No belt guards, live on a dirt road and I ride a lot of roads that are only kinda sorta paved.......

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    Thanks for the info, 06xbss you sold me on the Goodyear falcon with a confirmed 15000 miles! After contacting my local dealers and both telling me the factory belt is "Obsolete", Im tired of paying the dealers inflated prices and dealing with there lack of knowledge. So i gave the falcon belt a try, so far I'm at 300 miles with no problems.

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