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Thread: Rain Sock needed

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    Did Buell or any aftermarket company offer a Rain Sock for the Buell Pro Series Race Air Cleaner? I have the K&N 3 inch filter under the Oval Carbon Fiber cover. I don't see anything on the net or Ebay for this shape? Can anyone help with a part # or place to order. Thanks

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    Are you having problems or is it just a precaution? I've never had any problems with mine to need a rain sock, I've riddin in some nasty downpours for hours with no issues.

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    Precaution. trying to plan a few long distance trips from home. In the past have gone through some HEAVY thunderstorm with other bikes. Had a snorkle type air cleaner and had to stop at the local pharmacy and buy a large panty hose stocking to cover the air filter part. It got me home. So far no luck on any part numbers or places to buy a rain sock for this air filter and I doubt i will find EXTRA large stocking on the road!

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    Ya i've been looking and don't see anything listed anywhere. The only thing I would suggest is before a long ride clean the filter and reoil it.

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