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Thread: "oil" leak?

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    OK guys... so I've had my XB12s for 2 years now, but i still consider myseld a newbie. Not sure what the little black tube is that terminates right behind the left footpeg mount, but I've noticed its been leaking oil recenty. Coincidentally, it seems to have stared upon my last oil change. Can't say it's never happened before, but I never noticed a little puddle? Cheked the engine oil level and seems to be good. What is this all about? Thoughts?

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    Isn't that the overflow? Or did someone put a breather reroute on it?

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    Isn't that the fuel overflow? ie-if you put too much Gas in the tank while Hot, and then start it back up w/o riding anywhere; you get a bit of gas spurting out

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    Note sure- it's about 1/4" wide black rigid plastic tube. Definitely not fuel, seems to be oil. As soon as i figure out how to post a picture i will do so.

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    (taken from the swingwarm)

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    Best I can tell from the Service manual, it looks like the routing labeled "fuel to atmosphere".

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    Seems to concur with the other guys saying it's the fuel overflow. If that indeed is the case, the next question is - why am I leaking OIL through the FUEL overflow? Secondly, i notice oil residue in the airbox chamber (due to backfires)? Thanks

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    On my Ulysses that tube runs to the rear shock absorber.
    That would explain the oil on the ground.

    The oil in the airbox is perfectly normal. Your crankcase breathers are routed into their. (the 2 black tubes coming up inside the air filter)

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    OK... so i took the airbox cover off and followed the mystery tube and found that it terminates at the little 'coupling' directly to the right of the fuel filler. So...I gather that would be the fuel overflow? Now, you guys must be thinking that I can't tell the difference between fuel and oil, and I'm starting to think that maybe I can't, but I will say that its much much thicker than fuel, doesn't smell like fuel and the 2 little puddles are still sitting in my driveway after (2 days later)...

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