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Thread: Spring Cleaning

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    Going to be detailing my bike that way I don't look horrible while riding, anyone have any comments on getting oil off and out of the hard to reach spots? What do you use? How do you get your plastics to "Pop"

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    Well, this didn't get a lot of replies lol, but I found some stuff that really worked!!!

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    . I used this to take oil off, all aluminum looks new now.

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    Takes and shines up the forks.

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    Thanks! Always looking for easy detail supplies.
    I use Simple green, or Castrol Purple Power for degreasing.
    I wax everything that isn't rubber, keeps everything cleaner, longer.
    Try Plexus for your plastics.

    I alway have Meguires Quick detailer and a CLEAN microfiber cloth handy. Gotta stay shiny for the honeys;)

    Went on a ride yesterday. It was about 85* (Don't hate Florida!) and had to ride through some center island sprinklers with a hot bike. The water spots just wiped off, whew!

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    I second Plexus. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it.

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    Now I can ride unashamed

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    i use s100 to clean everything. the spray wax is easy to use and looks good too. If you have grease and oil thats tough to get off try super clean.

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