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Thread: BUELL XB 9/07 1203cc thunderstorm new owner

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    Hello everyone. I am a proud new owner of a 2008 BUELL xb 1203 thunderstorm engine that i bought used from the original buyer. The bike has 13000km on the clock, the colour is smoke orange aftermarket exhaust aftermarket rear mirrors. I have driven it it goes very well the only thing it has is with the exhaust they didnt install a fuel pack so you get the "gunshots" from the exhaust.

    Can you reccomend something for this and also as a new owner what i must be careful of?


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    EBR race ecm ($300.)will eliminate the deceleration pops and change the way your bike runs as well. Mine popped on deceleration bad with the Jardine Rt1 the previous owner installed. It's not healthy for the bike to be backfiring all crazy so it would be good to fix. What sold me on buying one was plug n play install and performance gains..If you like tinkering with computers you can take on reprogramming the stock ecm, search the forum for this and just about anything else you may want to do to your bike. Enjoy and wile you're caught up in the moment with the biggest smile you've ever had, watch out for cars!:D

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    thicker oil helps too.. Im running Redline 20W-60HD in both holes.. quieted everything down in both my 9 and my 12.

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    Thanks for the reply. The colour is not smoke orange i believe but see-thru orange :)

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    The colour is not smoke orange i believe but see-thru orange
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