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Thread: Battery of choice?

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    2006 XB12ss

    My <1yr old HD battery is toast. Which battery do you guys prefer? Anybody try the $25 ebay ones?

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    I go along with Interstate too. They are made in USA by Yuasa, and have a 6 month no BS guarantee. They keep the battery rack full at the shop and I pay as they are used. Good deal. I think a $25.00 Ebay battery is probably junk. The Interstates go for about $95.

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    Get you a battery tender , they are worth the money . My battery in my SS is 2 yrs old and is still strong. The last battery i bought was the stock one from H-D and cost $ 79.00, that was 2 yrs ago.

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    yuasa is best choice compared to stock...

    mine is a stock, 6 years old, no problems yet (i do use a tender)

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    I've had better luck with the stock HD battery. I got a yuasa platinum battery and it struggled on starting the bike. I bit the bullet and replaced it with a HD battery and it was night and day difference. The bike cranked over with no hesitation.

    With the yuasa battery the bike would pause for a second before cranking over.

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    Stock HD here. Didn't you take it back in for the warranty BBuddy, thought they had a 1 yr. warranty?

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    Thanks for the input guys.

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    i just bought a bike a few months ago with the original battery and it is an the guys that tender you tender after every ride? or just the winter months? Mine is on a tender over winter but i was wondering if you use them in the summer too?

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    once i park it in the garage, it's on the tender...a full battery is a healthy one

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