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Thread: WTB EBR ECM 08+ XB12

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    ...mapped for factory pipe.
    Unless somebody's got a compelling deal on a pipe/ECM package.

    (Yes, I'm aware of the Octopus tuning option, however in this application I need plug'n'play, zero fiddling time, for an Ss stored 3000mi away.)

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    I am selling Race ECM, Jardine and K&N filter for 500 plus shipping. Let me know!

    Came off of 09 xb12r with 1348 miles. The worksheet says its tuned for a D&D exhaust, but was on the bike with the Jardine.

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    Items for sale - Jardine, ECM, Filter <---- Link contains for sale thread.

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    did you sell this yet or do you still have it? i tried to click the link but it didn't pull any thing up.

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    I have a EBR ECM for my 2009 XB12 with a used Jardine RT-1 (worn, but repacked with Bristol Core). $300 shipped within the US.

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