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Thread: 07 XB12R Clutch removal

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    I've made my own fork spring compressor too out of a Quick-clamp and it worked well, but after spending $18 for a true tool meant for the job, I'd recommend doing that the first time.

    The clutch spring is MUCH stiffer. IMO, I wouldn't risk stripping the bolt or sending the parts flying across the shop or into your face or damaging your valuable hands... $60 is worth it for that job. Think of how much you're saving already by doing the job yourself!

    I will mail you mine from So Cal if that's closer for ya

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    Curious, does anyone have a picture of the Clutch tool handy?

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    Go on eBay you can find them there. Bought mine for $28.00 and works great. Like Cooter said buy the tool for the job. It will make your life easier. Sure you will need again at some point or you can sell it.

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