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Thread: EBR Documentary- the Ragged Edge

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    A documentary on EBR has just been released called "the Ragged Edge". It will be shown free on Wisconsin public TV next month but until then, or if you're not in Wisconsin, you can watch it on demand on Vimeo ($5 to rent or $20 to buy).

    You can watch the trailer for free if you want a preview. The movie picks up with Erik's emotional Buell closure announcement video and goes through the early days of EBR up to shortly after they'd picked up major funding from Hero and the 1190RX was in production.

    I watched it last night. Wow. It's a great movie, and a real emotional roller coaster, especially given recent events. One thing- I don't care how big of a skeptic you are, it WILL convince you there is NO way Erik will take this latest setback lying down.

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    Thanks for the info I bought my copy. I hope some royalties go to Eric!

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    great info, gonna watch this :D

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    i tried...doesn't work

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    Whether or not you have seen the documentary, there is an informative and recent companion interview with The Ragged Edge producer and co-director Matt Sienkiewicz, done by the PBS series "Director's Cut". During the several years of making the film (which he states started at the end of 2010 and was a long-term project), Matt spent a good deal of time with Erik and his team and I believe developed a unique insight.

    At the end of the interview, which includes clips from The Ragged Edge, I got a bit of hope about the future of Erik Buell motorcycles. The host made the statement (@25:26) that, "...based on what we've seen of Erik, I'm sure he's not done". Matt replies "I don't think so... [there will be another comeback]... 100%".

    I know some have strong opinions that he's got nothing else to prove, that he can retire, that he's done, etc. I surely don't know. But based on this interview, I at least have some hope!

    Director's Cut - Matt Sienkiewicz

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    He doesn't seem like the type to enjoy retirement...
    Only death is powerful enough to snuff his drive for the race scene never mind his dream of producing an American super bike.

    If you were a high rolling gambler who was on a good run and ended up broke you wouldn't "never" want to gamble again. He just got his feet wet...

    Let's just hope he can start back up and not have to re-brand loosing his legacy of ingenious style and patents that make-up the bikes we love...

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