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Thread: EBR Closes / Bankruptcy

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    sounds like at least he is a little smarter after the HD f*cking he received.
    In an interview that came out barely before all this s**t went down, the head of Hero said they were ready to buy the remainder of EBR just as soon as Erik was ready to sell. I'm convinced Hero deliberately held back the $20M they allegedly owed EBR for engineering work, and said "Oh wow, you're kind of in a bind aren't you? We'll just buy the rest of the company." and made Erik a low-ball offer for his portion of EBR. Erik talked to his lawyers and legally gave Hero a large middle finger by putting the company in receivership.

    Hopefully things turn out well, maybe better than when Hero owned 49.2%.

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    Here is an article about the coming EBR auction. Article Some recent posts from EBR's Facebook page seem pretty optimistic.

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