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Thread: Electrical Gremlin - Uly Headlights/starting issue

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    Read instruction for you voltmeter. Is it just voltmeter or multimeter?

    If the fuse blows it means circuit amperage is higher than fuse capacity. Check that you use correct fuse. If the fuse has correct capacity but still blows it means the amperage in the headlight circuit it higher than normal amperage. There are few things can cause high amperage in the circuit - too low resistance of the circuit, or too high voltage in the circuit.

    Read Ohm's law

    Low resistance of the circuit can be caused by stripped and shortened wires in the circuit or malfunctioning electrical units in the circuit. See service manual and electrical scheme and find the headlight circuit wires on you motorcycle. Measure resistance of the circuit using multimeter. If resistance is too low start splitting the circuit and measure resistance of different parts of the circuit until you will have found shortened wires or bad unit in the circuit.

    If the resistance of the circuit is OK it means the circuit voltage is too high, and it means bad Voltage Regulator. Check Voltage Regulator using electrical service manual of your motorcycle.
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    Wow. That was very specific, thank you. And yes, I believe it is a multimeter.

    Sounds like I know my next steps! Thanks again, that was educational and very informative!

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