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Thread: Best Source for Body Parts?

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    Hi I'm buying a 2009 Buell Blast as a starter bike to learn on and tool around town with....the problem is, it's yellow. I'm not fond of yellow and the body shop said to repaint the plastics could be between $500-1000. Is there any resource online to buy OEM or after market body parts? I'd take any color other than yellow. ;-) Thanks in advance for any input!

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    This forum has a section just for parts for sale. There is also a thread for members interesting in swapping parts if you do a little looking. Also check the links to the right-------> and support those companies who support this forum.

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    5,354, pinwall cycles on ebay, or,,,,

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    Spray on some Plasti-Dip. It is 100% removable and will cover it up the existing color. They sell spray cans of it at Lowes/Home Depot, but they have limited colors. Or you can buy it online.

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