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Thread: Thought I wouldn't make it...

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    Rode in to work this morning, made a quick stop, then got on and continued down the road. After the stop, ZAGAM (Zombie Apocalypse Get Away Machine), my 06 Uly, started acting like she was pumping mud. She would bog down like I was pulling a half ton trailer. If I let off the throttle, I'd get a backfire and some pops and then it would idle between 900-1000. I got to work and didn't have time to eff with it and just hoped I would make it home. Coming home, same thing. Bogged down when the gas was applied, really low idle. About a mile from home it all stopped and she ran fine all the way in. ???

    Anyway, I plugged it in and did a TPS reset. There was no CEL and no codes in the bank. The idle is still really low even after the TPS reset (angle is about 9.1 to keep the RPMs at 1050-1150).

    Any ideas? I'm going to ride in tomorrow, but I may be thumbing it home.

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    Fuel pump chaffed wires? Sounds like a lack of fuel.

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    Is it a normal place you get gas, maybe bad gas?

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    I feel like it's fuel related too, not sure if it's supply or gas. I'm going with supply, maybe a short or something loose since the problem randomly started and then randomly went away. I filled up a couple days ago and haven't had any problems until today. The only recent change I've done is run an additionally grounding wire from the grounding strap straight to the battery to see if it would solve my hard starting problem (it didn't).

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    Riding in this morning, the same problems surfaced. On the bright side, it idles perfectly at startup so the engine warms up easily without me having to coddle it but I have no power in the first zone, or when I try to accelerate sharply, or going up hills. It seems to be running noticeably louder, but that could just be my head playing tricks on me.

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    for what it's worth had precisely the very same symptoms and problems 2 weeks ago with one of my personal bikes being a 2009 lightning Ss long with 1900 miles on it. just what you described. dying fuel pump. the excess noise was in actuality the air intake with no exhaust response to soothe the noise.

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    Thanks, any other symptoms? CEL or codes or or erratic behavior?

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    Had my fuel pump going bad about a year ago. The other symptom that pointed to the fuel pump on mine was when I key the ignition on the fuel pump would start up but instead of stopping one fuel pressure was set the pump would just run "slower", which it had not done before. Replaced the fuel pump and o-rings and has been golden since. The other thing you might want to check is the breather hoses on top of the cylinder. The one on my rear cylinder had somehow popped up, not all the way out, and the bike ran like crap, very much like what you described. I thought it was bad gas, fouled plugs, and a host of other things. When I pulled the airbox cover and noticed it I pushed it back down and haven't had any issues since.

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    Thanks, any other symptoms? CEL or codes or or erratic behavior?
    no cel stored trouble code. symptoms and behavior as below and keep in mind this is virtually a new 2009 model in my stable:
    1-bike sitting unused and unstarted for 3 months....required 3 full start procedures to start and stay running.
    2-ran flawlessly for 40 miles
    3-stopped for coffee break and chit-chat....restarted flawlessly....idles abnormalities
    4-two miles down the road from the break area failed to respond to even slightest throttle input...would fall CEL activated....wouldn't climb the slightest hill
    5-pulled over and stopped....shut off motor...waited 1 minutes...restarted....idled fine...another 2 miles further down the road exact same symptoms re-emerged....limped home. replaced pump and filter and all was fine.

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    Thanks - not looking forward to the petrol bath.

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