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Thread: 07 white blast is a little more valuable ?

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    I was told to keep my 07 white buell blast with less then 1500 miles ... Because it was worth more ? Anyone know about this ?

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    I haven't hear that, but low miles is nice. Maybe some other folks will know. Welcome to the forum!

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    White ones might be slightly more rare, but i doubt they are much more valuable. I do like them in white though!! had one for a month :D

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    not sure about worth more but they sure look good in white.

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    The Blast only had minor changes throughout the years and arctic whites were only made between 07-09, but besides black all of the other colors were only made for 3 years or less. They just look the best in white!

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    White is not worth more, but IMHO, I think that they are more visible to other drivers. It helps to be as light colored as possible, and it certainly can't hurt to be a nice bright white color. Mine is white, but it has the Pegasus symbol on the side of the tank instead of the Buell logo.

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