I got involved with helping guys in Brazil with the problems they have that are specific to Brazil and its fuel. They run a low octane fuel that is like 87 Octane and 20-somthing percent alcohol. It tears up fuel pumps quick over there.. They have fuel pump failure at like 15,000 kilometers! So, I suggested Marvel Mystery oil in the tank so they could get a bit of lubricant on that fuel pump but guess what? They don't have it over there.. so I started searching for some kind of a solution for them and found out that Hot Rod corvette and LS1 guys are adding a tiny amount of 2-cycle oil to their tanks at like 1 part per 600 with good results.
They were skeptical so I performed the experiment myself. I added 22ml (.75 ounce) to a full tank of 94 octane.. I added it 10ml at a time to see if any problems would occur. None did, no smoke, no smell.. I took it out for a ride and I swear to god it seemed to run smoother and quieter. Like I said, Im not trying to get anything out of it , just trying to get them some lube on that fuel pump with the limited stuff they have in Brazil. One guy chimed into the conversation and said he had been running 10ml of cycle-oil per tank for years with no ill results. He said it was better to be safe than sorry.
I have about 60 miles on it now and so far I haven't run into anything negative, here is a video of the experiment