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Thread: 2006 LightningBolt XB12RS

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    Hey Folks
    I am once again a Buell owner. This is my second Buell and the second time I have owned it. Some of you might recognize it.

    My first Buell was a very customized 2003 Buell XB9SX

    in 2006, I traded it for a Buell XB12R Firebolt in the black and orange color scheme. I had the dealership install the Race Kit before I picked it up. I was lucky I asked to do that, as production of the kits had already ended. Here is a pic from 2006 [Hence the crappy quality]

    I immediately named him Jack, which is short for Jack-O-Lantern and as usual, started to make some additions and modifications

    Left and Right side Intake vents

    Helibar Top Triple Tree

    Debadged the airbox

    I also added the Frame Guards, front and rear Axle Sliders and the ThrottleMeister weighted bar ends. The one on the throttle locks to act as cruise control. [Doesn't really work all that well but can help on long rides]

    In 2010 I sold this bike to a friend. 5 years later, him and I played a little motorcycle roulette. I bought Jack and he purchased an 1125CR. While my friend had the bike, he took amazing care of it and did some nice modifications. The rear was converted to a Lightning XBS with the lower scg seat.

    He did a really nice Tail tidy and removed the passenger pegs.

    Since I got it back I added CRG Brake and Clutch Levers
    [I did multiple test rides at low speeds to ensure good operation and no binding]

    The levers match the wheels and windscreen quite nicely

    To match the height of the seat, I added LSL Scalloped Footpegs with a 1" dropped Billet base
    [Same height as the XBS models]

    and last but not least, I added a Cowl to the rear seat to give it a bit of a Cafe Racer rear end.
    [Also note the nicely polished header courtesy of my friend]

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    nice bikes, like the solo seat set up on the 9s....welcome back

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    Twin Motorcycles sells that.
    There were 2 reasons why I did not go with that this time around
    1. You need to remove 2 allen bolts to remove the seat, so it's not easy to re setup the bike for a passenger
    2. It is hot. You don't have the same level of heat protection as you do from the various S seats.

    But aside from those 2 reasons, it's darn sexy and I was real close to getting it again.

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    Hey man, your bike is very similar to mine, and I love it!

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    It's a brother from another mother

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