I spent last weekend riding down to Albuquerque and back. About 16 hours total riding in 40. The bike performed well, even batter after the AFV kicked in. Spent a total of 12 hours at highway speeds, upwards of 80 mph. Performed outstandingly in those conditions. Top speed briefly at 130 or so. Turns out the bike is quite a bit more stable with the bags on. Operating temperature didn't exceed 95C, even when trying to plow my way through sand in first gear out in the desert. Don't do it, you wouldn't like it. This thing does not do well on sand. And it's really heavy to pick up. Glad I don't have a Harley trying to do the same thing.

Had a little trouble idling, but doesn't die as much anymore. Also coughed a few times when riding after starting up warm (after sitting for a few minutes but not cold).

I don't need super performance. In fact, all I really want is 14.7 AFR. I'd take fuel economy over raw power. I'm not racing anybody, just touring and some twisties. I'm wondering about modifying the cold idle enrichment, any thoughts on that?