So, I had a header stud shear off flush with the head. I didn't even bother with the frustration of trying to deal with it.
It was because the front moon bolt was loose and I didn't realize it. I had the shop get it out for me, they told me that they snapped off an easy out in the bolt (its common knowledge not to use easy out on the Harley/Buell heads as it's a lost cause) Well, they ended up drilling it out and using a helicoil to get the standard thread size. Long story short they drilled and tapped the new hole offcenter. I am really picky and would now just like to replace the front Jug. Next time, if this happens again I will just take the jug off and take it into a machine shop.

What is the going rate for a front jug with under 15k for an XB9, silver, not black?