Hello all I figured it was finally time to start a build thread since I've gotten a few things knocked off my list. The bike is a 06 blast: bought bone stock with 3,500 miles, crappy worn out stock tires, and a few bruises for 1600.

First on the list of many projects was fluid change, tires,handle bars, tail chop, and headlight change. 20/50 in both holes, Perelli Diablo tires, super bike bars, and a hella h4 headlight. Drove her around like that for awhile but the itch to modify was getting to me, but I had to wait tell I moved to surprise arizona from Colorado Springs.

Right before I moved to az I figured a all black bike wasn't a good idea so I paint the rear section and tank tan. Next items on the list were exhaust, rearsets, tail chop again (not finished), tune carb (waiting on snail mail) and velocity stack (if it works out diy velocity stack cost all of $3!! Besides the airfilter). I made the exhaust from plans I found on another site and I copied my rearsets from another members design.

Still need to get ahold of a xb shifter setup (anyone have one for cheap??), figure out some better foot pegs, shortie levers, finish the rear section and make the velocity stack. I'll probably drive her around like this for quite a while tell I get some money for motor work :D