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Thread: WTB stock airbox, w/o holes.

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    I'm looking for an inner airbox. I set mine down in the driveway to let it dry after I washed it, then my wife backed over it. I'm looking for one that has the spike coming down into the filter area, but no holes. It's going on an 2005 xb9sx with a drummer exhaust, so I don't need the actuator or servo that goes on top. Thanks.

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    I believe i have one from my 05 xb9sx after i went to the newer "vented" style. Pm me and ill check when i get home.

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    If the one from Restless doesn't work out, I have the stock one from my '03. Not sure if it has the spike, but text me if you want me to look. 905-476-3921.

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