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Thread: Ronin 1190RX @ Pikes Peak

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    not my cup of tea, but neither is tea either. right colour but no bubbles.

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    I think it's just a song you guys have heard too much. the cure for that is more cowbell! Ronin bought this RX from NRHS, when EBR was still in full swing. This bike was preplanned and prepaid long before Ronin even started building it. The buyer paid over $150K for Ronin to build this bike and also bought two other Ronins. Interesting note: They used the XB front wheel on the bike at the race, most likely because the RX wheel has a larger axle and bearing ID, so their frontend wouldn't fit without modifications. I believe the eventual plan is BST Carbon wheels and Brembo monoblock brakes, because that was originally planned and wanted by the buyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phelan View Post
    I think it's just a song you guys have heard too much. the cure for that is more cowbell!
    Lol! Definitely needs more cowbell.

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    HA I can't believe so many people here hate it. And are so upset by it. I think it's amazing! How cool these guys did this. And for the record, Ronin Motorworks isn't Magpul. Magpul did it as an exercise, and Ronin Motorworks got the rights to move it forward.

    The KEY here is, we all get to do what we want to our own bikes. And it's best if we all respect each other for it. I totally respect people not liking it, it's very different. they even stated that the front end is controversial. I like it!

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    47 beautiful Buells destroyed and 47 lumps of overpriced doo doo created.

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    Different strokes for different folks.. Just think if they didn't create that thing we wouldn't realize how good the original buells looked

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