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Thread: !!Front isolator bolt!!

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    Hi all,

    I found a sheared exhaust stud. Decided to put on an Innovate MTX-l wideband o2 and a 2nd bung in the front pipe while the header was off. Now I'm torn down, sitting on a jack, and the isolator bolt is "locked" in the insert tube in the rubber part and the steel thread insert in the frame spins. When I turn the bolt I just get rubber stretch in the mount. Has anyone successfully overcome this scenario? Read that as not destroying the mount in the process.

    Currently it is soaking in PB Blaster. Is this stuff ok for tires? :)


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    Had the same happen when I got into the motor all the way. Ended up buying a new front motor mount, the insert and new bolt.

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    Also, try raising and lowering the bike if you can. Maybe the alignment is off and making it difficult to break loose.

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    I have lifted and lowered several times while twisting at each level. Also pulled the mount to engine bolts messed around and put then back in...

    I can pull the wrench from the edge of the fork back to the header and the rubber gives and the frame insert spins freely. No movement of the bolt inside the steel tube yet.

    d-adams, Im not opposed the getting new ones. How did you get the bad one out? All my cutting, bashing and tools of greater destruction are a couple thousand miles away at the moment! ;)

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