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Thread: Another clutch adjustment question..

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    I haven't been riding in months and I just put on a new set of pro taper Carmichael bars and needed to re-adjust my clutch after and what I never really was sure of is when turning that "screw" counter clockwise until it stops, does that mean until you can no longer turn it after a bit of force is applied or just until the resistance starts. Seems like it makes a big difference because I can turn it as if nothing is stopping it and then it tightens but can go another 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn until it really stops. If I put more pressure on it, it would probably go another half turn.

    Any advice?

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    Not a direct answer, but...

    Put the bike in first gear, pull the clutch, start the bike. If it wants to go forward on its own then its dragging. If not, slowly release the clutch lever - the clutch should start grabbing about half way to 2/3 released. Good to go.

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    You want to stop after you start feeling resistance. Depending on how calloused and manly your hands are that resistance depends on you. I use discretion when adjusting my clutch since I know I tend to over tighten things when they are suppose to be "hand tight". So as soon as you know you feel resistance STOP.
    Hope that helps

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    ^^ I tend to use a lot of German type torque myself - whether by hand or otherwise.

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