Ok so I just got my first motorcycle. Its a 2006 Buell Blast. I'm also new to this forum and I'm new to bikes. I joined because of this issue. When I got the bike, the guy said it had an electronic choke issue. It did not want to start up unless I poored fuel into the carb. I took the carb off took it completely apart ( with help from someone who new what they were doing) cleaned it, put it back on and replaced the boot that was tore to hell and now I can start it up and it idles fine with out having to put fuell in the carb.

My problem now is that when I hit the throttle(barely) its stalls. Dies completely. Here is all I have tried so far.

1. Checked the pet cock and fuel lines(clean)
2. Opened gas tank (for a min i could rev it up but would not idle and now its back to doing yhe same thing so no change same issue)
3. Messed with what I assume is idler screw under carb next to bowl( no change)
4. Filled gas tank(no change)
5. Changed spark plug(no change)

From what I can see is that when hitting the throttle the butter fly moves and the plunger comes up. Looks to me that gas is coming out of that whole with the pin. To much
I have put a little washer on the pin to shim it and the carb will spit out fuel and now a little oil came out with it.

Like I said runs and idles fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm way to excited to drive it! And its just sitting in my garage.