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Thread: i need more tire on this blast

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    my dad just picked up an 03 buell blast and it is still rollin on those skinny ass stock tires. what manufacturer makes a tire wider than a 120 for a 16" rim?

    i know all you guys on blasts aren't still on tires this skinny. please tell me someone makes at least a 140 for this thing.

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    hey, i asked the same question a little while back and i got the pirelli diablos 140/70/16 for the back and 110/70/16 for the front. try them, their are really a whole lot of a better tire combination and they take away the retarted scooter tire look from the bike, their nice tires too.:D

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    exactly what i needed to know. +1

    i like my pirelli's for sure on mine.

    my dad says his actually chirps 2nd gear with the skinnies and its embarrasing.

    he got the blast to teach my mother to ride but traded his daily driver for it so now he's commuting it daily until he gets something else.

    i had no idea blast's came with a rear tire the size i run on the front of my xb.

    thank you buell community, your always here, it's so awesome.

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    Check out the Avon AM63's.

    Front: 110/70/16
    Rear: 140/70/16

    To run these tires you need about two minutes worth of modifications. Once you have the rear wheel off, take a sledge hammer to the shock mounting tab. Tap it in for a little extra clearance. Also, just to the left of the shock mount is a bolt that holds the rear break line. Take a dremel tool and shorten that for clearance also.

    These tires make all the difference in the world. The bike becomes a bit taller and will stick to the road like glue.

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