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Thread: New Buell owner, laundry list of issues

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    So quick follow up....

    Got everything back together! Fuel pump is fixed. The old fuel screen was in a million pieces. What a mess.

    Pulled the throttle body. Ended up replaced throttle cables. One was falling apart.

    Gonna order the belt next week.

    I took it for a gentle test ride today. Brake shudder gone after cleaning and scotch brite. Idle is perfect. No stutter at low RPMs

    One I get the new belt I'll be set.

    This website is the best! Thank you guys for all the help.

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    Glad to hear your getting the bike sorted out

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    Ughhh I guess I spoke too soon.

    So I've been just using the bike on short trips. Every quick ride is another test. Everything has been running fine save for an annoying stutter from full stop once in a while.

    Anyway the positive battery cable bolt had stripped so I replaced it and mounted the cable to the top of the battery. Still no problems running good but the seat was getting caught up on the cable. So the other night I moved the cable so it's clear of the seat. Bam it idles horrible runs like crap and back fires on decel.

    TPS reset and it's all good. Next day same problems idles horrible backfires etc... TPS reset and it's good.

    Today I take it for another ride. Runs like crap. I'm like really do I have to reset this thing every time I want to ride???? Screw it I do another reset. Still runs like crap. 2,3 resets still runs like crap. Now it won't even idle.

    Is my TPS bad? WTF??? FML

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