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Thread: swapping output shaft 5th gear bearing

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    x2 on Lunatics advise. Resist the temptation to whack away at that nut with an impact, transferring torque through that output shaft into the trans. Believe it or not, it takes more torque to remove that nut than the engine produces or the trans was designed for.

    Remove nut locking ring, Install locking tool, Heat with torch, Clockwise loosen. Easy peasy.

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    Replaced the bearing. Got a pusher made for me and made a copper drift to home the outer seal and made a locking tool. Job was quite easy really, the outer race of the bearing had bad pitting. It all seems ok now although I am being a bit more gentle with it as I worry that the bad bearing might have caused a bit of disruption inside the gearbox. I have changed the tranny oil a couple of times and there doesn't seem to be any metal bits loose in there. I have just bought a SV1000s as I have lost faith in the Buell a bit. If a bearing like that (shouldn't be a ball bearing anyway) goes at 28 thou miles what are the state of the other internal components? I can't get rid of the Buell as it is just so good, handling and grunt but longevity I am not so sure about so I'll use the Suzuki as everyday ride until I decide what to do. Quite fancy a MT10.

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