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Thread: Has anyone built a nice balanced 984cc engine?

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    I want to rebuild the 984 in my XB9R. It has 30K on it now and I think it might be a little tired.

    I really like the revvy nature of the engine and the way it makes useful power that is fun and practical on the street. So I would like to plan out a rebuild to enhance those aspects. I don't want a peaky engine, I just want to enhance the stock engine so it runs stronger and better. Keeping the broad flexibility of the stocker.

    I am planning to balance the engine while it is apart, but beyond that are there any other good tricks for improving it while it is apart? Total Seal rings, Teflon coated piston skirts, better cams, porting, polishing, these are all options. Has anybody used them, are they any good? What should I do that I am not aware of? I am new to the Harley engine and Sportster architecture, is there a proven recipe and I just am ignorant of it?

    I am looking for the best improvement per dollar ratio, nothing extreme, while maintaining the all around user friendliness of the current bike.

    Your thoughts and experience?

    All the best, Metz...

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    If your looking for some good performance upgrades while keeping reliability this is the first place I would look at:

    I bought a 1250 kit for my sportster and they helped me out with al the extra parts to get the most out of the build, also bought a set of thunderstorm heads which they did a stage 2 head job on too. They matched the right pistons to the head work, gapped all the rings and interlude them in the new jugs. Did all the installation work myself with a couple calls to them and they have outstanding customer service. after all done and through break-in period my bike screams.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about my build or that site. I'm not affiliated, just a very happy customer.


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    It has 30K on it now and I think it might be a little tired.
    I've got over 70k on my '03 9s and she's isn't tired yet...she's got the race kit installed.

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    2003 xb9s, I've modified the engine.
    1050cc kit from revolution performance, heads were ported polished from NRHS, built and Dyno tuned by Speedys Motorcycles Brisbane.
    Pulls strong right thru the range, genuine 95rwhp insane torque.
    Currently on the conservative side, can be tuned to produce more HP but I'm looking at reliability.

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrstrmech View Post
    I've got over 70k on my '03 9s and she's isn't tired yet...she's got the race kit installed.
    What is the "race kit"?

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    The factory race kit was buying a muffler, high flowing air filter, and ECM from the dealer. Closest to that would be a muffler and tune from Dean Adams along with a K&N air filter.

    I spent $2k on my build from Hammer Performance for my XB12. I am very happy and it just pulls and pulls. Rips my arms off. LOL. Well worth it.

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