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Thread: whats the best barend mirrors for xb12r

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    ive been lookin at race led turn signal mirrors but i like barend to and i just got candy paint so im goin to think about changin the stylin up to maby

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    "the best" is always subjective, but I got mine from 47world on ebay for $29.99. They work great! There was a little hands on trying to get them as tight as I needed them to be, but in the end I'm more than pleased. There are more expensive bar ends out there, but they offer the same function and results!

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    i always use crg...they can be pricey...

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    oberons for the win.

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    Nemisis, but where's the money in the oberons? What do they offer that justifies the price?

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    I have the same as netty

    I posted a DIY thread on getting them mounted more appropriately:

    Bar end DIY

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    Any suggestions for vibration reduction? higher speeds my mirrors just are blurs

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    I have a set of CRG AAROW barend mirrors I'll sell you for a $100+&10 or less shipping if your interested. Nothing wrong with them but the bugs that come with...

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    I'm using the CRG Hindsight. I like them and there is no vibration.

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