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Thread: Tennesee/Kentucky Bueller Help

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    Tennesee/Kentucky Bueller Help

    Any Buellers in here that are near me (Clarksville I'm willing to travel) and want to help a newbie tune his **** via ecm spy? I have a 05 xb12r with a race exhaust and stock filter. Just ordered my K&N today. I feel like it's not running like it should. Lots of popping on decel and what not. I need to make sure it's right. My ecm spy cable will be here soon. Any help would be appreciated as I've seen very little Buell riders on the road here so I figured it's worth a try. Also how do I know if I have a stock/race ecm? Forgive me for my na´ve and limited Buell knowledge. Any help would be much appreciated. This Buell needs YOU! (In my uncle Sam voice)
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