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Thread: WTT/WTS Race ECM and Race Exhaust FEELER

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    WTT/WTS Race ECM and Race Exhaust FEELER

    Hey, I have an 2003 Buell xb9s and I think I might want to try a louder exhaust. I bought the bike with the race kit previously installed. Now, I wanted to sell the race ecm with the exhaust as with the D&D I will need a different map anyways.

    I am looking to trade my race ecm and exhaust for a D&D can and stock ecm (so i can use ecmspy).

    The only issue is that the exhaust has had better years. There is a small hole towards the back along with a dent in the front and scraping on the underside. Other than that, it has normal wear and tear.

    Would anyone be willing to do this trade? Would it be better to sell each individually? What are my options for fixing the race exhaust?

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    I'll buy the race ecm if you sell individually. Send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks

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    Wow that exhaust can is haggard. It's not loud enough with that hole in the bottom? Looks like a stock exhaust? I thought the "race" muffler had dual outputs?

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    Buell branded xb race exhausts do have two outlets.

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    Saw the car exhaust in the background. One of my few forays into the automotive world. Gave it a bit of a burble at idle.

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