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Thread: Trying to decide what fits my bike

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    Question Trying to decide what fits my bike

    I'm looking to install all carbon fiber parts for my xb12x and on all the sites they just put fits xb. Does that mean it fit any xb bike? Of it could fit your bike? So confusing

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    Air box covers, chin fairings, scoops(right and left), and oil cooler scoop should fit, I think anything else would have to be Uly specific. I could be wrong, I'm a couple muscle relaxers and a glass of wine into my night so....

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    The only part on the ULY and other XB's that is bike specific is the Front Fairing/wind screen....

    The Airbox cover, front fender, Oil cooler and Chin fairing will all fit.....

    I do think there is a Difference on the Air Scoops on the side of the engine, there are 2 sizes if I recall for the short and long frames

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    MDI carbon fiber would be a good place to find the parts you're looking for, may have some slight fitment issues but workable. Bestem is another option...ask Gloomshadow about them.

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