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Thread: 08 Blast engine trouble

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    08 Blast engine trouble

    Here goes:

    Monday I was riding my bike out to Columbus down US71 and it starts sputtering, all the power went out of the engine, no throttle response. I shifted to 3rd gear from 5th to match my speed and kept the engine alive to get me off the road and as soon as I hit the clutch and brake it dies. I got it running again after a few minutes and I go maybe 15-20 miles same thing happens, I dealt with this 4-5 times going down the road until I gave up and called a truck. I got it to the shop and my mechanic has said he cannot find anything wrong he rode it for two days and had no issues. I asked him to check "das boot" which he is doing now. I got caught in the rain for a bit and was dealing with road spray for awhile and water seems to be a factor. The only changes that have been made to the bike are LEDs that were wired in and adhered to the frame for aesthetics.

    Two important notes: This has occurred once before when I got caught in the rain, I took it home it dried out and the issue never came back up until Monday of this week. Sunday of this week I put probably 40 or more miles on it around the local freeway with no issues including taking up to about 90mph for a few minutes so its not heat related.

    I really need some help on this because I got a new job in Columbus and I planned on using it to commute but I cannot have an unreliable bike that's gonna leave me stranded because it doesn't like getting wet. I would really appreciate anything you guys could give me here.

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    Here goes;
    Kind of sounds like it may be more of an electrical issue that 'das boot'. I would start and let idle while I turned a garden hose on (no nozzle) and sprayed water at various areas to see if it did the same thing. Not a blast guy, just what I would check if it was me.

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    I'd check that the ignition coil, or whatever a blast has, isn't cracked and or has any loose connections. I'd also look over the plug and plug wire to make sure there's no way water can get where it's not suppose to. You know cracked plug boot, frayed wire, whatever could cause a short in the ignition system. I mention the plug setup cause I know that sv650s, I think it's the early models, will loose the front cylinder when ridden in heavy rain. Enough water collects at the plug that it actually causes a short that makes the bike lose the front cylinder. Most sv guys, that ride in the rain, seal around the front plug boot with silicone to prevent this.
    Also check your wiring and connector going to the timing sensor.
    Check for loose grounds and all that easy stuff.
    Your issue could be as simple as a connector that's not properly seated and therefor allowing water to seep in during inclement weather.
    Let us know what you how things work out.
    Good luck

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