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Thread: O6 XB12X for sale $2800

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    O6 XB12X for sale $2800

    Hello, my Ulysses just threw the error code 56 sync failure. I have another Uly and want to get rid of this one. Respectful offers will be considered.

    He is a link to the craigslist add with pictures and information along with price.
    Asking $2800 for my 06 Uly w/ 17,500 miles on it.

    Any help selling would be appreciated

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    Ads like this always get me.... if it actually only needs one new part then why not replace it and ask a normal asking price for it? I mean xb's have gotten pretty hard to find lately. This one in excellent riding shape could be a $4500 bike. Either way Glws

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    To me, it depends what item is actually needed. Like tires for example, I’d rather pay less for the bike and put my own favorite tires on, rather than deal with some jackass who made his tire choice based on a Fort Nine review and a sale at Cycle Gear.

    But for claims like “need a new coil to run” or something ridiculous like that, it screams out “make a low ball offer”.
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    Was the Ulysses ever sold?

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