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Thread: Buellybagger"s Craigslist Deals Of the DAY!!!!!

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    Don't forget the RS is a legitimate race bike. Not a play-thing. It was the experimental beginnings for the RX and SX. The RS has much more expensive internal engine bits too. Things that wouldn't make sense to put in a production engine, when your goals are to make 5000 bikes a year

    The RX and SX have the benefit of time and testing that the RS is responsible for. It's one thing to have 185 OE HP to give to any ya-hoo with a credit card. It's completely another to have 175 Race HP.

    Rarity, and race goodies make this an awesome bike, but the march of time means progression of the building blocks for what inevitably is a better product.

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    2008 BUELL 1125R READY TO RIDE! - $2800

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuellyBagger View Post
    2008 BUELL 1125R READY TO RIDE! - $2800
    With only 5k miles and at that price point, I would forego the 1125cr I want and take that in a nanosecond!! Need to sell my 2000 X1 though :'(

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    Wonder why it's so cheap?

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