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Thread: Buell XB Cooling fan operating slowly

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    Post Buell XB Cooling fan operating slowly

    Hi guys !

    First post here ! Plz spare my English as it's not my main language :P

    I have a stock buell XB12S 2006 with race pipe for about 4-5 months and I'm currently having this issue :

    I have never heard the cooling fan kick in so I'm worried that the bike is getting to hot.

    Since I was getting worried about the bike temperature, I plugged the bike with ECMspy and let it idle to see how the engine temp goes.
    The engine temp reading on ecmspy looked like it was ok so I presume the ECM is reading the correct temperature. I've let the bike idle to about 235 C and since I was still not hearing the fan I shut the bike off.

    Here what I saw :

    I was actually surprise that the fan was actually moving !
    From what I've seen, the fan should rotate a lot more faster. If you look carefully, you will notice that the fan speed is always changing and it look like it's rubbing on something.

    What you guys think ? Do I need to change the fan ?

    Here is more details :

    I never had the blinking check engine even in traffic but I can feel that the bike is getting super hot a some point.

    Thanks !

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    a few answers....a bit of advice....some instructions:
    answers: your fan is terminal. replace it immediately. and i would NOT do any more experimental heat-inducing practices to trouble-shoot your problem. simply put your fan is junk. these motors hate high temps. replace the fan and install right side air scoop system if not already done. 235 degrees celsius approximates to 455 degrees fahrenheit and that can be a death-sentence for these motors.

    fans: available from internet sites such as ebay...american sportbike. brand is spal. you can also order your own and follow this link to perform the interchange.

    how to replace/basic guidelines: disconnect negative battery cable...raise rear tire 6 inches or more off ground...remove rear wheel(some don't--i do to make job easier)...disconnect rear shock.....allow swingarm to drop to lowest position...remove fan screen hardware...rotate fan and wiggle and pull towards rear of bike and out it comes.....disconnect fan plug. install is reverse of removal of course. use patience and some sort of penetrating oil on all hardware prior to removing. use loctite on all fasteners during replacement. ALSO.....with fan removed carefully check the rear cylinder for any signs of oil leakage particularly in the head and rocker box area. if your old fan is moist with oil you have a leak. if you have a leak find out from where. repair the leak or the oil will ruin your new fan in a short period of time.

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    Thx for the reply lunaticfringe !

    Are you sure 235 degrees Celsius is that bad for this type of engine ? Of course every engine will overheat at a certain temp but from what I've understand is that the xb engine ''like'' being hot at a certain point.

    As per table 4-29 of the service manual, the fan is only supposed to kick in at 220 degrees Celsius so i'm surprise that only 15 more is ''death-sentence for these motors''.

    Since I've never seen the blinking check engine light, could anyone tell me what is the overheating temp for these motor ? Like at which temp does the bike really overheat ?

    I'm going to change the fan anyway but i'm curious about it !

    Thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by samyboy View Post
    Since I've never seen the blinking check engine light, could anyone tell me what is the overheating temp for these motor ?
    The light blinks on at 280 C and off at 275 C.

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