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I would like to see some dyno charts to back up that statement and I'm not talking ass-dyno. Americansportbike.com did a good exhaust shootout with dyno charts to back everything up. This is just what I found on the KEDA RT-3.

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I read through the referenced report, and sure, if you look at just the WOT HP numbers given the other modifications to the bike, the aftermarket cans do perform marginally better over stock.

I say marginally because there aren't huge gains. For the cost of the aftermarket muffler, airbox modifications, tuning the EFI on a dyno, the dollars/HP factor just doesn't add up. Furthermore, the flatness of the torque curve isn't improved substantially and the noise emission levels (especially from the D&D and definitely from my poorly packed Jardine) are ridiculous. Great if you like pissing off the neighbors at 6 AM, but incredibly annoying and embarrassing to the rest of us.

Also, you're looking at WOT runs - I'm wondering how much the exhaust valve effects the torque curve at less than full open throttle.