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Thread: It Got Away From Me

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    It Got Away From Me

    Well, looks like I have some work to do for the winter now. Even though this is the ideal weather I enjoy riding in.

    Leaving a stop sign to turn left and the lady on the other side decided it was her turn first. It wasn'tůSo I tried to remind her by giving it a little throttle and I let off the clutch a little quicker than planned and I was quickly reminded of the torque and stood up...Needless to say everything is pretty cosmetic. I have a new set of stock handles bars that I can throw on. Right side CF air scoop scraped up. Looks like the bars are going to be the biggest project. For the most part I am ok. Little road rash on the knee. I were jeans, leather and a helmet all the time so that saved me a bit.

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    It got away from you but you basically got away with it so thats a result already! hope you heal real soon but in the meantime just do the stuff to make it safe and you can do all the cosmetic stuff in the depths of winter, the bars are no major hassle just take your time and double check everything especially check the front forks and wheel are aligned they can sometimes just twist round slightly, then get back to riding i reckon! Good luck mate,

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    Intersections are the worst. Was stopped at a stop light last week and a lady came up from behind me took out my left bar end mirror with her rearview mirror. Scared the crap out me me. Even worse. She didn't stop. Just kept going. Another inch and she would have caught my handle bars. Two more inches and my left leg would have been included. That is why I stick with less expensive mirrors as they tend to take the worst of the damage. Glad your okay and the damage is only cosmetic even though that still sucks. Hopefully she will be paying for the repairs?

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