I have read about everything I can get my hands on when it comes to tuning and had the help of many of the members on the forum . I have tuned my 04 XB12S using an Innovative LC-2 WB O2 sensor and MLV and I have been happy with the results. Smooth through RPM's, good gas mileage, runs a little cooler, better response under hard acceleration, etc.

The one aspect of the tuning process that is still bugging me is after finishing the tuning if I set my Innovative LC-2 to emulate a NB O2 sensor will it play nicely with the stock ECM voltage settings for rich and lean? I set the volts on the LC-2 at something like .98 and 0 and AFV 14 and 15.4, don't remember exactly off the top of my head, giving me stoich at .49v. The ECM has stoich at .49v, matching the O2 sensor, but do the stock rich and lean voltages in the ECM "work" accurately with the emulated NB O2 sensor settings? If they don't or they need tweaked, how do you determine what voltages to set for lean and rich in the ECM? It seems that if they are set too close to stoich then the ECM will read as rich and/or lean when it actually isn't and if set too far from stoich then the ECM will not recognize lean or rich until it is running too lean or rich.

So, once the WB sensor is set to emulate a NB sensor, lets assume stoich of 14.7 at .49 volts, how do you determine what voltages to set for lean and rich in the ECM and/or the AFV setting for the low and high voltages on the emulated NB sensor so they both understand when the engine is running rich and lean? Does one need set based on the other? Do both need adjusted? Is this even an issue? Am I just being obsessive compulsive about this?