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Thread: Buell Blast 2006 Turn Signals Not Working!!!

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    Exclamation Buell Blast 2006 Turn Signals Not Working!!!

    Hi Im new here but hoping for some help I recently changed my turn signals and it was working fine for a good week. then today my turn signals stopped working and I rely on my bike for work. I hope someone here can help me I checked the connections but Cant think of anything else to check.

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    I bet it is your flasher relay! Although that fact that it worked for a week then stopped makes me second guess myself...
    1st Check fuses
    2nd Make sure there are no shorts at the wiring harness
    3rd Try replacing flasher relay

    You can get them from a auto parts store for $12.99

    Part number EP36 Tridon (Novita Tech. Inc) Electronic Turn Signal Flasher

    Hope it helps.

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