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Thread: 99 x1 limited edition stripe

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    Is that an xb9s lightening with an r tail? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

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    Love these bikes just enough different from the norm and run like a striped ass ape

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    Post up some more pics of the X1 now that it looks like you've got it all cleaned up.

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    That's a great looking bike! I Iike my XB, but I LOVE my Tuber.

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    Great looking bike. That's the bike that started me on Buell's. I had found the exact bike on Craigslist for $2000.00. It had 3000 miles on it, and I passed it up. I regretted it every day until I bought my XBxt. Actually, I may go knock on his door to see if he still has it. Thanks for the inspiration. LOL

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    If only I can get it running right. runs horribly if you try to accelerate past 4,000 rpm.

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