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Thread: 3 Grand Hiccup.

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    3 Grand Hiccup.

    This might be redundant. But the '06 XB12Ss running strong and fine until 3K. Then transient miss (call it a hiccup, because that is what it feels like). Sometimes under load and other times at constant throttle position (like I said...transient). Fuel=93 octane(no ethanol). Injectors=clean. Plugs=NGK Iridium. It's mid-December in Northwest Illinois, so anything I do cannot be road-tested for quite awhile (phooey). Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. And, THANK YOU. In advance.

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    Check all the basic and easy stuff first. Such as; good clean ground connections, battery terminals good and tight, all connectors in good order, all the wiring under air box base looks good, the crank case breathers are working properly, primary chain and clutch adjusted properly... ...all the routine maintenance kind of stuff.
    If you find nothing a miss after all that then check of an intake leak. Here's a thread on the subject.
    Do a bit more research on the subject if you don't like the link.
    If you're 100% positive you don't have an intake leak start researching how to perform a TPS reset.
    Also, does the bike hiccup in every gear?
    Good luck

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    More than likely a TPS reset will solve your problem, if done correctly. When was the last time one was preformed ?

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    If it is only right around 3k, I'd check the timing tables. I had major hiccup issues around 1900rpm, pulling back some timing helped.

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    I have heard you can cure hiccups by scaring the afflicted party.

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    Just prior to my purchase of it (according to previous owner (October)). Thanks...

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    Thanks. Quod.

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    Appreciate the help. An no. Not always. Glad but not so glad I have a couple months to play with it.

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    Thanx. Will consider any and all avenues. Appreciate you.

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    I found with mine that when it got hot (sitting in traffic, riding aggressively etc) it would develop a hiccup, or "miss" at low throttle. Then even if I returned to normal riding it would still have the issue. I believe the AFV or whatever they call it in ecmspy was "correcting" the maps (or so it thought it was). The only way to cure it was a TPS reset. Sometimes it would happen in as fast as a full day's riding. I flashed the race maps to the bike and it ran great, no issues. I of course then started playing with aftermarket exhaust and intake and it's starting to run like crap again. In fact, the last ride I almost quit riding in fear of engine damage, that's how bad it was. I guess it needs tuned. Just food for thought if the normal easy fixes don't help. Maybe try the tuning/race maps.

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