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Thread: EBR Parts list is up

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    EBR Parts list is up

    Just like it says.
    If you go to the EBR store it links you to this page now.

    I noticed they have the front brake rotor listed (PU# 1710-2380)
    Is this the brake rotor that they were making for the XBs?
    If it is for the 1190 then would it fit my XB?

    I was saving up for a new front rotor but then... IT happened.

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    From the EBR parts list - I have the pdf if anyone would like it

    10 H0201A.1B6 ROTOR, FRONT BRAKE, 5MM, 1 RX/SX

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    which made me look at the LAP parts list - you just grabbed the PU# instead of the EBR #.
    That is the correct part. You should also consider getting the mounting kit. EBR # CQ0001.11AZ

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    Awesome! Thanks

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