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Thread: 2004 Fireboltxb9r Parts for sale

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    2004 Fireboltxb9r Parts for sale

    Hey guys,
    First post here but I have a 2004 xb9r that I have parts for sale for. I have built a custom out of my buell and have the frame, subframe, fairing, rear plastics and a list of other parts. Feel free to ask what I have left. Im ready to clean up space and am willing to sell things cheep!!
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    Where are you located? How much for all of it?

    Oh upon looking at that bike, is it the one that was down near carolinas or GA? Looks familiar

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    I will get a list of all the extra parts I have tomorrow and list them up here. And I stay in eastern NC.

    @UMDterp- I will shoot you a pm with all the good parts(and even the damaged if you'd like) and you can make me an offer.

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