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Thread: Rattle in the dash

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    horn bracket on my 07 12x just flat broke. didn't take long to find that one. i'm sure it still shakes quite a bit. but for now.....

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    Mine broke about a week ago, I am going to try to bolt the horn directly to the flyscreen brace as shown in this post:
    Also trying to repair some stripped threads on the flyscreen with loctite thread repair today.

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    Greetings from Finland, I borrow this old thread as I also struggled with very annoying rattling noise somewhere in the dash area, most often during deceleration between 2000 - 2500RPM. My bike is an XB12Ss 2007 with low mileage, but as it shares same technology with XB12X, probably the problems are also the same.

    Long story short: steering lock pin was the source of rattle, it was quite loose allowing an axial movement in the lock base:

    A proper fix would probably require either a new pin with larger diameter or some kind of bushing around the pin. Even though I have a small lathe to produce helping items, I chose an easy solution this time: I wrapped a thin layer of tape around the pin (only on the surface which goes inside the lock base) to disable the axial movement. That seemed to solve the case at least for now - the annoying rattles are away + ignition/steering lock still works normally. If the problem should appear again, I’ll then spend some more time to fix it more properly, now as I know the source of the problem.

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