Hi All,

I could really use some help getting my ride back on the road. Here is the full story. My bike (08' Uly) started stalling while riding. Happened in a corner and when it came back the rear tire grabbed hard and I almost lost it. So, after a ton of testing I finally did the screw driver tap test on my ECM. Sure enough it would stall every time I tapped the ECM. So I ordered a replacement from ST. Paul HD via Ebay. Winter started so I figured I would just take the opportunity to do a bunch of work on it. Here is a list of what I've done:
  • Rotated the motor
  • Changed the rear rocker cover gasket
  • Double checked torque on all top of motor bolts
  • Rotated motor back up and double checked torque on all bolts
  • Installed a new fan
  • Traced all wiring back to confirm no opens or corrosion
  • Retaped wiring harness
  • Replaced clutch cable, but the new one snapped off so HD is sending me another
  • Changed plug wires
  • Installed a new ECM
  • Roughed up ground terminals and reinstalled ground leads
  • Double checked all electrical connections
  • Bought activation for ECMspy
  • Fectched and stored ECM values and then flashed (Software said no value change)
  • Ran these test on ECMspy: Fuel pump (pass), Front and Rear Coil (pass), Front and Rear Injector (Pass), Fan (Pass)
  • Performed a TPS reset - The Key on, Kill Switch on, Throttle on/off 3 times method

The bike is fully reassembled (minus the clutch cable I'm waiting on from HD). It will not start. I'm in neutral, I hear the pump prime, but it just won't run for more then a half second. I can get it to run if I flutter the throttle, but it sputters and backfires and dies the instant I stop. I bought the activation for ECMspy thinking it would help, but so far it hasn't. AFV is 100% and the EG0 is 100%. Here are links to my saved map, eeprom, and logfile from ECMspy: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0ye5mn60h...SePgI-LZa?dl=0. If you need screen shots instead of the files let me know and I'll post them.

Here is a video I made that shows the problem: https://youtu.be/xH8Uw2Q3-JQ

Any help would be greatly appreciated! My new tires came today and I want to be out carving the canyon roads not staring at my bike in the garage.