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    Quote Originally Posted by arikam View Post
    I like that ktm. Why did you get rid of it? I plan on getting a new bike soon. A 2016 1190sx, an s1000r, or a Tuono. Not sure which one yet. Do you guys love the 1190sx or just like it? How does it perform as a commuter? Ive read that its a grumpy commuter and a few have said they like it as one.
    I loved the KTM but it just wasn't the bike for me. I've had a few xb's and it just wasn't as responsive in the corners so I wasn't as comfortable on it. It's been raining a lot here so I'm still fighting to get my break in done on the SX but I also have a Dean Adams exhaust and ECM coming which is supposed to cure a lot of the grumpiness and just make the bike a monster. My cousin has a Tuono and it has its quirks too. I'm not sure the move I would make if I was paying for a brand new one but I'm more than happy so far with the SX, granted I've been riding Erik's creations since 2003 so you could say its a biased opinion

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    Wow, that is sexy!!
    How does it compare to the CityX?
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    Thanks for the info. I've decided against the Tuono. Sits too high for me, rides too aggressive for me also. I need to sit on the 1190sx and listen to it run and play with it before I decide which of the 2 to get now. S1000r offers a lot more but i really want ebr to succeed.

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