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Thread: new blast owner

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    new blast owner

    Just picked up an 08 blast in pretty good shape with <6000km.
    Leaks a little oil from the top of the cylinder somewhere, my moneys on rocker covers.
    It also idles slow, needs an idle screw adjustment I think.

    bunch of questions for you guys:
    1) whats the cheapest exhaust/carb tune combo I can do?
    2) Is there a super easy way to change the seat out to a single person (shorter) seat? I have read the chop DIYs, can you simply buy a new back section?
    3) Is there a way to stiffen up the back at all? new spring on shock or new shock?
    4) do lots of people take the silver 'Y' piece that the pegs are mounted to off and replace? I feel like the bike would look better without.
    5) Whats the easiest way to move the driver pegs/shifter/brake backwards?
    6) I want a tach. Any pics of mounting techniques/preferred brands?+

    Also, the website that hosts those custom intake mod threads is down, is there one here with some pics and materials/instructions?

    Slapped some renthal bars on the bike after 2 rides, feels much more like a real bike now... :P

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    Your oil leak is your rockerbox gasket.

    Just FYI, you don't have rocker covers...there's only one.

    1) DIY
    2) Nope, gotta chop it.
    3) There are options available. There's a good chinese-made shock that fits and you can also squeeze in an F4 shock with a little mount adjustments.
    4) Yes
    5) "Easy" is subjective. Check out Rat Blastard:
    6) There are how-to's floating around.

    Dan's Custom Intakes:

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