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Thread: shift lever loose

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    shift lever loose

    So sorry to bring up an old post but I didn't see an answer for how to fix the problem ,But my shift lever is really loose ,and not matter how tight I tighten it it still slips on that insert piece. So my question is can I drill a hole in it and add a some form of a lock screw to keep it from moving ,or do I just buy another one ?

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    The Blast shift lever does not bolt directly to the shaft. There is a collar that goes over the shaft with the matching splines. The problem is that the outer surface of this collar is smooth. I assume HD did this so that when newbs stomp on the shifter or fall over, it slips instead of bending shift forks or notching the drum.

    Yes, you can drill and tap it for a set screw, it's a common thing to do.

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    Thanks jetlee I was a little unsure seeing that the collar is a really soft metal

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